Our shop, from the front waiting room to the private rooms, is designed for you to experience the authentic atmosphere of Thailand.

We are pleased to introduce you to a therapist with advanced expertise and a wealth of experience.

We offer a variety of menus & treatments, starting with  Thai Traditional Massage.

Introducing the prices for various courses. For first-time guests are welcome to use coupons.

WANDEE Thai Relaxation & Spa

Shop Introduction

Thai Relaxation & Spa

Our spaces are sophisticated, designed with an image of the Thai royal palace, and is decorated in the reception and waiting area with sofas and trinkets imported directly from Thailand.

We welcome a wide range of guests, regardless of gender and age.

In our private room dedicated for two guests, we provide two treatment beds, a comfortable sofa, a private toilet, and a jacuzzi, allowing for a three-hour escapade from the mundane.

In our traditional Thai room for either one or two guests, you can receive treatments without straining your body, using our high-quality traditional Thai beds. Our aromatherapy lymphatic drainage room is an exclusively private space, and after your aromatherapy oil treatment, you could use the showers provided in each room.

Front Reception / Waiting Area

The waiting area is well-meticulously space, exuding an upscale, luxurious ambiance reminiscent of the Royal Palace of Thailand. This atmosphere is created using sofas and accessories directly imported from Thailand.

Thai Traditional Room

We have prepared private rooms for individual use, as well as rooms for two that you could use with a partner.

Each room is equipped with a bed made of high-quality materials for Thai traditional use, designed to ensure that our guests could receive treatments without any physical strain.

Private Room for Single / Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage Room

We offer a private relaxation room equipped with a shower, specifically designed for single occupancy.

After indulging in a superior treatment using aromatic oils, it is free to take the shower making yourself comfortable.

Private Room for Two / Hua Hin Room

Our private room dedicated for two guests features two treatment beds, a spacious sofa, a private bathroom, and a jacuzzi.

Please make immerse yourself in here, and enjoy three hours of extraordinary relaxation.


Our Thai traditional massage therapists possess advanced expertise and a wealth of experience.

While faithfully replicating traditional techniques from Thailand, they also provide treatments suited to the condition of each individual guest.

With their superb technique and refined interpersonal skills, they strive to provide you with a serene relaxation time.

We invite you to experience the soothing effects of our therapists’ treatments for all kinds of stress and fatigue.

※ Please note that additional fee would be required to ask for a specific therapist.


Since 2010.

Staff reservation fee: 2,000 yen.

We are sincerely delighted to contribute to your health and happiness through the services we provide. We appreciate your patronage.

Our mission is to provide a space where you can escape from daily life and relax by using traditional Thai healing techniques, allowing you to gain new energy.

Our therapists are fully committed to ensuring that you can spend a pleasant time with us.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you.


10 years of experience as a therapist

Staff reservation fee: 1,000 yen

To my speciality, it’s providing the ultimate relaxation to guests . Fluent in Japanese is a tool to help that.

Keeping passion and joy to my job makes me do best to every work.

Providing a healing time to my guests and seeing their smiles brings me happiness, it is my motivation.


5 years of experience as a therapist

Staff reservation fee: 1,000 yen

I have deepened my knowledge of Thai traditional massage at a vocational school in Japan, and now I plan to further specialize by learning authentic Thai techniques at WANDEE. Your warm understanding and support would be very appreciated.

As for the oil treatment, I offer therapy based on Swedish massage, using suitable and strong pressure.

I will provide the superb relaxation suited to the physical condition and needs of each guest.


10 years of experience as a therapist

Staff reservation fee: 1,000 yen

I am committed to sincerely addressing the concerns of our customers and providing treatments with heartfelt care as my motto.

Before the treatment, we will listen to your concerns during a foot bath and provide our specialty services, Thai traditional massage, and aromatherapy lymphatic drainage.

We are here to assist in refreshing both your mind and body.


4 years of experience as a therapist

Staff reservation fee: 1,000 yen

My specialty is providing the ultimate relaxation to everyone. I’ve been currently studying hard to improve my Japanese! I have graduated from an accredited massage school in my home country of Thailand when I was 18, and moved to Japan afterwards.

Although my Japanese is not yet perfect, I hope to provide satisfaction and joy to all my guests in Japan, by using the massage techniques that I honed in Thailand.

All of therapists in us look forward to your visit from the bottom of our hearts.


3 years of experience as a therapist

Staff reservation fee: 1,000 yen

I devote my full effort to providing the highest level of relaxation and healing to our customers, using my youth as an advantage. I have mastered the techniques of Thai traditional massage and am confident in delivering a soothing experience. I strive to alleviate physical fatigue and stress, ensuring that you leave the session feeling refreshed.

I look forward to assisting in your health and happiness, so please feel free to visit us anytime.


13 years of experience as a therapist

Staff reservation fee: 1,000 yen

My specialty is providing a pleasant relaxation experience. Although I can’t say I’m a master of Japanese yet, I am always striving to bring out everyone’s smiles.

I look forward to serving you.


8 years of experience as a therapist

Staff reservation fee: 1,000 yen

I am widely supported by my female guests because of the experience my gentle style therapy.

My goal is to make everyone feel a sense of comfortable relaxation and to liberate them from their daily stress.

I am truly looking forward to your visit.

Career at WANDEE

※Only the resume in Japanese would be applicable.

We are currently look forward to wonderful therapists.

If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Course & Menu

At our shop, we offer a variety of services as follows, Thai traditional massage, foot reflexology, body scrubs and treatments, foot baths with aroma lymph drainage, and herbal ball treatments, among others, including optional add-ons.

Thai Traditional Massage

Thai Traditional Massage is ideal for those who feel physical discomfort accumulated from daily life, such as fatigue, heaviness in the legs and back, and shoulder stiffness.

We start with a foot bath using a high-quality massage oil that has a relaxing effect. It improves blood circulation throughout the body from the feet, reducing fatigue in the legs and back. Additionally, we aim to relieve shoulder stiffness, so we provide a full-body massage. This series of treatments helps to eliminate fatigue from deep within the body and promotes relaxation.

Aroma Lymphatic Drainage

We offer traditional Thai lymphatic drainage at our shop. This technique involves thoroughly flowing the entire body by powerful pressure, releasing tension in deep muscles and promoting relaxation and a healthy energy flow. The treatment is performed meticulously by skilled therapists, taking into account each individual’s physical condition and preferences.

The massage oil used, which has a highly relaxing effect, gently penetrates the skin, providing a luxurious experience that calms both the mind and body. You can spend quality time caring for yourself and restoring the balance between your body and mind. Our Aroma Lymphatic Drainage, provided at our shop, ensures an even more extraordinary experience.

Thai-style Reflexology

Thai-style reflexology is a specialized treatment focused on relieving foot swelling, making it particularly recommended for those who suffer from this condition. This technique stimulates the reflex zones on the soles of the feet, promoting overall health by balancing the body’s energy and improving internal circulation.

In this course, we also incorporate hip joint stretches. That part plays a vital role in the circulation of the lower body, and stretching it can effectively enhance the flow of blood and lymph from the feet, helping to alleviate swelling.

Therefore, the combination of Thai-style reflexology and hip joint stretches can enhance the body’s natural circulation and resilience, it is the best method for maintaining healthy feet.

Thai Traditional Massage & Aroma

Our most recommended, “Thai Traditional Massage & Aroma,” is our finest course. This menu combines the techniques of “Thai Traditional Massage” and “Aroma Lymph Drainage” to provide a pleasant healing experience and promote overall well-being.

Firstly, for those who suffer from fatigue, stiffness in the legs and back, or shoulder tension accumulated from daily life, Thai Traditional Massage is perfect. Starting with a foot bath, it improves circulation throughout the body, relieving fatigue in the legs and back. Additionally, we perform a full-body massage aiming to alleviate shoulder tension. These treatments eliminate fatigue from deep within the body and bring about a relaxing effect.

Furthermore, Aroma Lymph Drainage is included in this course. We provide traditional Thai lymph drainage, which involves a thorough and vigorous flow of the entire body, releasing tension in the deep muscles and promoting relaxation and a healthy energy flow. The treatments are carefully performed by skilled therapists, tailored to each individual’s condition and preferences.

The massage oil used, with its high relaxation effect, gently penetrates the skin, offering a luxurious experience that soothes both the mind and body. This exquisite experience of “Thai Traditional Massage & Aroma” allows you to cherish yourself and restore the balance between your body and mind. Let’s take this opportunity to enjoy a moment of relaxation and healing.

Foot Bath

At our shop, we offer a foot bath experience that allows you to enjoy a pleasant relaxation.

The use of specially selected massage oil significantly enhances its effects. This foot bath promotes circulation from the feet to the entire body and greatly reduces fatigue in the legs and lower back. Moreover, it can even contribute to relieving shoulder stiffness, which is truly remarkable.

It helps balance the entire body and leads to a pleasant state of relaxation. Please enjoy the comprehensive benefits of a full-body massage combined with the luxurious time of a foot bath at here.

A foot bath is included in all our courses.

Course fee

Annual regular course fee (including tax)

Thai Traditional Massage









Extension 30min


− Option −

Thai-style reflexology 20min


Aroma Lymphatic Drainage







Extension 30min


− Option −

Herb ball 20min


Thai-style reflexology



Thai Traditional Massage & Aroma



〜Hua Hin Palace〜



All courses include a foot bath.

Coupon (First-time guest only)

Exclusive Coupon for first-time guest

Please show the following coupon to our staff when you visit our shop.

We are pleased to offer a coupon discount exclusively for first-time guest.

for Single Guests

Thai Traditional Massage

¥600 OFF


¥600 OFF

80分 ¥9,500→¥8,900

¥900 OFF


Aroma Lymphatic Drainage

¥700 OFF

80分 ¥11,000→¥10,300

¥600 OFF


Thai-style reflexology

¥500 OFF


for Two Guests

Thai Traditional Massage

¥1,600 OFF


The coupon is only available for the guest who visit our store in first time.

It cannot be used for subsequent visits.

We offer you an exquisite relaxation experience
in a space as like the Thai Royal Palace.

A space reminiscent of the Thai Royal Palace, where the pinnacle of peaceful rest is explored.
Within this sophisticated space, could feel the luxury and elegance as if staying in the palace of Thailand.
The private massage rooms serve as tranquil sanctuaries where the mind and body can deeply communicate.
The serene ambiance gently soothes the entire body.
Its luxurious and refinement reminds you a high-end of Thai spa.
This is truly the ultimate relaxation space that guests could experience.
Please indulge in a special and unique experience away from your everyday life at here.