A luxury holiday in Thai, it appears at Yokohama.
Welcome to a blissful Day Spa.


Waiting area

Experience the greatest relaxation with a space consist of exquisite quality and ambiance of another world.

Once you step inside, a pleasant aroma which take you to a blissful moment would envelope you.

The luxurious and splendid waiting area, you would mistake for the Thai palace.

Massage Room

Thai traditional massage room

A tranquil private massage room that invites harmony between the mind and body, leading to deep relaxation.

Thai Traditional Massage, infused with the essence of Thai traditions.

Luxurious private rooms reminding of high-end spas in Thailand.

And with the use of highly effective massage oils in Aroma Lymph Drainage, we promise you the highest quality of relaxation experience.

Private Room for Single

Thai Traditional Massage

Select the perfect treatment fits specifically for you from over 100 traditional techniques.

The soles of your feet and the area around them are considered the absolute domain that connects the entire body’s energy lines.

In the essence of Thai massage, skilled treatment of the feet is particularly important.

The charm of Thai massage lies in stimulating the circulation and lymphatic flow, and meticulously loosening the stiff parts of the body.

Its delicate techniques excel in providing long-duration treatments, progressing slowly and gradually over time.

Experience fully the pleasure of gentle pressure and stretches similar to yoga.

Aroma Lymphatic Drainage

Aroma Lymphatic Drainage adopts traditional Thai techniques.

Using strong pressure, it gently flows through every corner of the body, soothing and releasing deep-seated tension.

One of the most notable aspects of our service is using top-quality essential oils and treatment items.

These products are widely used in luxury spas and hotel amenities in Thailand, and the treatment experience they provide sets them apart from others.

The natural scents and ingredients will gently envelop your skin and help calm your mind.

Thai-style Reflexology

This traditional Thai therapy, which has been passed down for ages, improves overall health and balance by stimulating numerous reflex zones on the soles of the feet.

Skilled therapists provide thorough treatment to your feet, carefully massaging the reflex zones believed to correspond to specific parts and organs of the body. This stimulates the energy flow within the body, promotes natural healing power, and brings about a pleasant relaxation.

Thai-style Reflexology offers a wide range of benefits, including stress relief, improved circulation, tension reduction, and revitalization of energy. Experience healing and refreshment from within your body in a comfortable environment.

Private room exclusively for two people

Private Room for Two / Hua Hin Room

Jacuzzi Bathroom

A Jacuzzi bathroom equipped with a private room exclusively for two people.

Passageway inside the shop

Shop hallway

On this page, we introduce our shop concept based on interior photos of Yokohama Sakuragicho Main Shop.